This Vacation

Henry found something for our kid Nicole to do this summer. In our subdivision, there's a learning center which offers reading and writing classes, and we plan on taking Nicole there. She will be an incoming Prep student in the next school year, and we'd like her to be as prepared as possible.

When we first enrolled her in school, she had just turned 4 years old in June. She didn't know how to read, write, distinguish letters, but she was darn good at using the computer for someone her age. She'd often surprise us because whenever we'd look at what she was playing on the PC, she would already be in Dora the Explorer's website or watching shows on the Cartoon Network website.

I hope she'll like being in her reading and writing summer class and that this class will help prepare her for the next school year.

Good Morning World!

This is how my youngest kid Nicole looks like in the morning. :)

Helping Around the House

While her older sister Keisha was busy cooking, Nicole was doing her share of chores - she cleaned the table and helped her dad set it for dinner. She's just 4 years old. :)
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