Toy Story 3 - Nicole's Newest Favorite

After watching Toy Story 3, this is now Nicole's newest favorite movie. She tries to look for online games with Buzz and Woody in it, and repeatedly watches videos and trailers.

Nicole and Tita Lena

I thought I'd share these pictures of my eldest sister and my kids. Both my kids really love her a lot, and so does she. Even though my eldest sister's name is really Elena, they call her Tita Lena, Tita being the Filipino word for Aunt.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to Daddy Henry and to my Lolo Ed!

Cute Pictures of Nicole at Home

Shrek in 3D

Nicole's first 3D movie is Shrek Forever After last May 30, and I could say is that she really needs to watch more movies on the big screen so she can get used to it. Even though I was right beside her and holding her tight, she still cried when the lights went out or when Rumpelstiltskin had his evil face on.

I also had a hard time making Nicole wear her 3D glasses during the movie, and I think she misplaced it three times, sending me and Henry into a searching fit in the dark as we would end up paying a hefty fee for those glasses.

But overall, I would say her first movie was a success because she was very happy whenever Shrek and Gingy was on screen, especially since when we ate at McDonald's and her Happy Meal toy was Gingy himself.
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