Fun Pics at Home

Just thought I'd share these pics of me and the kids just goofing around at home.

Me and Nicole

I sent this picture today in the Johnson's Baby contest held every Thursday at Sis. We've been using only Johnson's baby products on both Keisha and Nicole since they were born, and I'd like to participate in this contest to also thank the makers behind the product for the excellent care that their products give to my kids.

A Really Active Baby

Nicole is growing up to be a really active baby. She's literally a handful! She moves really fast and is pretty strong and even if she's chubby because of all her baby fat, she can lift herself up to climb the stairs or sit all by herself in one of our chairs.

A good thing is. she's still very charming and sweet. Just when you're about to get mad at her, she'll give you a heart-warming smile or plant a kiss on your cheek and then embrace you with all her might. And when she sees you're smiling again, she'll be back to wrecking the house in no time.

Jollibee Toys

When Henry came back from his Ilocos trip, we dined out at Jollibee as a treat for the kids. We also ended up buying Nicole her own Jollibee doll dressed in the Philippine national costume since she was pointing and crying at it. She really likes the doll and always hugs and kisses it each time she sees it.

Nicole and Keisha

Just wanted to share some pictures of Keisha and Nicole that I took off my mobile phone. The kids look really sweet together, don' you think so?


Today Nicole woke up with a slight fever. We're giving her all the medicines she needs for her runny nose, cough, and fever. Hopefully she gets better soon.

What the Stars Say

Nicole's birthday is on June 28, 2007.


Nicole has been sad since yesterday. Both her grandma and I think it's because she misses her dad who's off to another field trip and won't be back until March 3. Her grandma told me that when her dad was about to leave, Nicole was in a crying fit and threw her arms around her dad's legs and just wouldn't let go.
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