Planet 51

Henry bought a DVD of Planet 51, and all of us watched it in the kid's room where the DVD player is. Unfortunately, the kids slept halfway through it, lol!

From what I've watched, I think it's pretty OK, and the concept of us humans being the aliens was great. Too bad that the kids fell asleep when the astronaut landed on Planet 51, and I had to turn the TV off so that they wouldn't wake up from the noise. I guess I'll have to write about this at another time when Keisha and Nicole get to finish it.

Sunday at the Malabon Zoo

We spent last Sunday at the Malabon Zoo - Henry, me and the kids. Although this zoo is very near our home, I've never been to that zoo, so it was like a treat for me too, lol! I'll be posting pictures of our zoo trip either later in the day or tomorrow. :-)
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