Our Little Angel

Whenever I look at this picture I cannot help but see the little angel in Nicole hiding underneath the little kid that turns the house inside out whenever she plays, lol!

More Pictures of Nicole and Keisha

Here are my kids again, Keisha and Nicole, snapping away pictures on the netbook. They just woke up and they're already onto snapping pictures!

New Pictures of Nicole with Keisha

Whenever I am working on the netbook and then I have to get up and leave to pee, drink water, or something, these two kids, Keisha and Nicole, will sneak up on my desk every so quietly and start snapping pictures!!!

Stuffed Toys and Laundry

I am having such a great time right now watching how excited Nicole is with all the stuffed toys that her grandma is washing. Most of my old stuffed toys and Keisha's toys were dirty already, and now that they're being washed and dried in the dryer, they all look so pretty. Even though the toys are still wet, Nicole won't stop embracing and hugging them, which pretty much means that we've also been changing her clothes a lot.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

New Pictures of Nicole

Nicole and I snapped these pictures with the new netbook we bought. She was just as excited as I was to use the netbook! When we got the camera working, she wouldn't stop smiling and posing.
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