My 4th Birthday Cake

Here's Nicole with her 4th birthday cake. This video was taken last June 28, 2011 but lazy me just uploaded it today, lol. :)

A Game During the Feast Day

Last October 7, 2011 was Nicole's Feast Day at school. Aside from dancing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Nicole played this game with her classmates where she had to keep a ball in between her legs as she jumped. A lot were laughing when it was Nicole's turn, as she was really slow and jumped small steps, but she didn't drop the ball. For us, she was great. :)

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Here's the video of Nicole dancing to Baa Baa Black Sheep from yesterday's activity at school. She's just in Kindergarten and she turned four on the first month of school, making her the youngest in her class. :) The video and the dance may not be as spectacular to others, but it's wonderful for us.

School Dance

Nicole is excited for tomorrow's day at school. She and the rest of her class will be dancing, but when I ask her what song she's dancing to, she says she doesn't know, lol. :)

I'm excited that she's up to dancing in front of a lot of people and that she isn't shy. I sometimes feel like she's too young for school, but she's surprisingly doing very well. I wonder what tomorrow will be like for us.

Nicole's School Intramurals

Henry and I picked up both kids from school after their intrams were over. I didn't get to see Nicole cheer and play games, but when I picked her up she was really tired but happy and excited about how her day went. While we were waiting for her sister Keisha, I picked up this flower which was growing from a plant in their campus, and placed it on Nicole's ear. She asked me to take a picture of her, and requested I add it to her Facebook account, lol.
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