A Bad Look

I was teasing Nicole while I carried her and she gave me this really bad look that Henry caught on camera. When we saw it, I just couldn't help but laugh.

Making Faces

Nicole likes making this face, and I really don't know why.

Nicole and Earphones

What can I do? She saw me listening to MP3s and she wouldn't give my earphones back.

Nicole gets a Hair Cut

March 23 was the day when Nicole got a really short haircut. I think she looks great!

All Better

I think it was last Thursday when Nicole stopped having a fever. I'm glad she's better, but she still has a light cough. We're still giving her medicines for her cough, but she's already back to her normal, jolly self. I'm glad that she and Keisha are all better.

Nicole has the Flu

Nicole has a really high fever that started yesterday. Earlier this morning, her fever was at 40 degrees and she vomited after we gaver her her medicine. She hasn't been her usual jolly self, and cries a lot and wants to be carried all the time. I know it's because she's not feeling well which is why she's acting like that. She also has cough and colds which makes it harder for her to breathe, especially when laying down. I am really hoping that she gets well soon because I hate seeing her like this.

Nicole on Youtube

This is a video I took of Nicole. Honestly, there's really no reason why I did it. I was even sick when at the spur of the moment I decided to take a video of her, which explains my muffled voice. Enjoy!

Happy April Fool's Day!

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