Furry Frenzies

This is our Christmas present for Nicole. Henry and I are glad she liked it. :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Nicole Sleeping

When I look at my kids I wonder where all the years went, since they're just getting bigger and bigger! Here's a picture of Nicole I took just a few minutes ago.

Palmolive Naturals Shampoo

Daddy's out to buy Nicole this shampoo. I don't think it's a no tear formula, so I guess I'll find out when he gets home. Nicole has been using Johnson's Baby Shampoo for the longest time, and she's quite excited to try out a new brand. When I had the chance to smell this shampoo, it really does smell great. Hopefully Nicole will like it.

Happy 7th Birthday Keisha

Happy birthday to my one and only eldest sister Keisha. I love you!

With Grandpa

Grandpa and Aunt Elena stopped by for a visit last week, and here's a picture of us together!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Tita Lena!

Happy birthday Tita Lena!

Suzy's Lounge Bar

Are you looking for a great comfy spot to enjoy a few refreshments as well as have fun with playing pool without the huge crowd? If that's the case, you need to absolutely check out Suzy’s Lounge Bar – it’s just a couple of steps away from the Kempinski Hotel, the New Year Hotel, Holiday Inn, and the Grand View Hotel.

Suzy’s Lounge Bar comprises of welcoming women staff whom all communcate in English and will also be more than happy to keep you company or to merely attend to the beverages along with snacks. There’s a pool table where clients can engage in pool together with friends along with other customers with friendly games, watch tv in the several TVs included in the bar, or just unwind as well as take it easy following a day’s work.

You'll find an array of both local plus imported refreshments in Suzy’s Lounge Bar. Guests can pick from many cocktail beverages, beers, carbonated drinks, juices, Budweiser, San Miguel, and also Tsing Tao. There are several quick treats to choose from, and if you happen to be seeking a particular beverage, just simply tell the bartender and they will certainly try and incorporate it for your forthcoming visit.

Over at Suzy’s Lounge Bar, it is possible to relax and unwind, have a couple of beverages, have fun with some pool, and enjoy the company of the women employees while taking pleasure in a comfy atmosphere along with a good sense of privacy. It really is no surprise Suzy’s Lounge Bar is amongst the visited lounge bars around Shenzhen.

Nicole with Keisha

I just love looking at this picture...both of the kids look adorably sweet together!

Toy Story 3 - Nicole's Newest Favorite

After watching Toy Story 3, this is now Nicole's newest favorite movie. She tries to look for online games with Buzz and Woody in it, and repeatedly watches videos and trailers.

Nicole and Tita Lena

I thought I'd share these pictures of my eldest sister and my kids. Both my kids really love her a lot, and so does she. Even though my eldest sister's name is really Elena, they call her Tita Lena, Tita being the Filipino word for Aunt.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to Daddy Henry and to my Lolo Ed!

Cute Pictures of Nicole at Home

Shrek in 3D

Nicole's first 3D movie is Shrek Forever After last May 30, and I could say is that she really needs to watch more movies on the big screen so she can get used to it. Even though I was right beside her and holding her tight, she still cried when the lights went out or when Rumpelstiltskin had his evil face on.

I also had a hard time making Nicole wear her 3D glasses during the movie, and I think she misplaced it three times, sending me and Henry into a searching fit in the dark as we would end up paying a hefty fee for those glasses.

But overall, I would say her first movie was a success because she was very happy whenever Shrek and Gingy was on screen, especially since when we ate at McDonald's and her Happy Meal toy was Gingy himself.

Big Time Rush Fan

After the Jonas Brothers, my kids are now big fans of Big Time Rush and can't wait for it to be shown on Nick. They've been repeatedly playing this song over and over and over again on Youtube, and it's driving me nuts! Hahaha!

Happy Mother's Day!

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 is Nicole's new favorite movie. She has been watching the DVD on a daily basis, alternate with Spongebob Squarepants.

Nicole even screams and giggles whenever the Chipmunks are singing and dancing, which makes the movie all the more fun to watch.

Planet 51

Henry bought a DVD of Planet 51, and all of us watched it in the kid's room where the DVD player is. Unfortunately, the kids slept halfway through it, lol!

From what I've watched, I think it's pretty OK, and the concept of us humans being the aliens was great. Too bad that the kids fell asleep when the astronaut landed on Planet 51, and I had to turn the TV off so that they wouldn't wake up from the noise. I guess I'll have to write about this at another time when Keisha and Nicole get to finish it.

Sunday at the Malabon Zoo

We spent last Sunday at the Malabon Zoo - Henry, me and the kids. Although this zoo is very near our home, I've never been to that zoo, so it was like a treat for me too, lol! I'll be posting pictures of our zoo trip either later in the day or tomorrow. :-)

Happy Valentines Day!

Nicole with Braids

Nicole loves having her hair fixed, especially after she wakes up in the morning and all throughout the day. I tried braiding her pigtails for a change, and this is what it looks like.

Jonas Brothers - SOS

This is Nicole's favorite video of the Jonas Brothers, and she particularly likes Nick Jonas. Whoa for a two year old!

My Pet Princess

These are pictures of my pet Princess. She is a female Shih Tzu. She's black and white, and was born on July 2009. 

Happy New Year!

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