I am Back!

OK, I was really shocked to find out that the last time I had updated my daughter's blog was back in Christmas. Obviously, I am not doing a very good job at this, lol! But things will be a lot different now as I vow to make regular updates.

For starters, Nicole will be starting Kindergarten this school year. She and Keisha are enrolled in the Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos and her school schedule is from 12 noon up to 2:30PM, kinda long for a preschooler in my opinion.

Nicole also finished her summer class a few weeks back, it was 2 weeks of classes, preparing her for the school year ahead. She never cried nor winced, and acted like a completely big girl. I guess I always thought of her as a baby because seeing the things she could already do on her own (put things in her bag, eat by herself, socialize with the teacher and other kids, etc.) really made me very proud.
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